Alexander Vulykh

solo concert


Estrade Theatre

Alexander Vulykh

November 14, 2013 in Estrade Theatre - the recital of the iconic poet Alexander Vulykh.

Alexander Vulykh today is one of the brightest ironical artists of contemporary Russian poetry. He is the author of lyrics of many songs of Russian pop stars. This list includes: Philip Kirkorov, Nikolay Noskov, Larisa Dolina, Angelica Varum, Lima Vaykule, Irina Allegrova, Ani Lorak, Alexander Marshall and many others.

Alexander Vulykh is the laureate of many awards: TV festival «Song of the year «From �� to ��I century» for songs: «Swim, the boat!» (2000), «Invented love» (2001), «White ashes» performed by A.Marshall (2002), «Two wings» performed by A.Varum (2006) and «Disco partisans » performed by P.Kirkorov (2010). He is the author of lyrics and libretto of the famous musicals «12 chairs» and «Mata Hari».

Alexander Vulykh is one of the most famous contemporary Russian poets. His poetry is included in main encyclopedias and anthologies of Russian poetry, side by side with classics of genre.

Each time it's an exceptional and entertaining show, which can amaze and enthrall every guest. Amusing poetic stories immediately glamor the viewer with its soleness and simpleness, involve in sequence of interesting and funny events and at the same time let him to relax.

Alexander Vulykh poetical shows with the legendary «Rolls-Royce confession» and «Friday the 13th» have gained a huge popularity in art-cafes and clubs of Moscow. But this time all fans and admirers have bigger opportunity.

Alexander Vulykh is one of that few persons, whose art reflects all the most realistic and substantial things: life by itself and love. And all that from which it consists: funny, curious, tragicomical situations.