Kristina Orbakayte

solo concert


Crocus City Hall

Kristina Orbakayte


Christina Orbakaite show will take place on October 12, 2013 in Crocus City Hall. The name of the show is �An Encore Kiss�.

Christina Orbakaite is one of the brightest and unique pop singers on the Russian stage. Her many-sided talent shows itself not only on the music stage, but also in the cinema and theatre. Anyway, people, first of all, love Christina for her songs. She chooses only the songs which spirit is close to her own. And they can differ much, cause Christina�s repertoire is wide: from lyrical themes to rock�n�roll and jesting ones.

Christina on the stage tries to be open, sincere and natural. She tries to be the same person as she is in real life. And in real life she is versatile. You�ll see brand new visual performances of "There�s enough of show", "Masks", "Ultraviolet", "One time permission", "Confession" songs. And, of course, you�ll hear the main hits "Again from the start", "The match", "Sun", "Bird of passage", "My world" and many others. Summing up we can say for sure that Christina Orbakayte show is a spectacular, professional performance of the highest level.

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