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Arena Moscow club


February 21st | Arena Moscow | The Misfits

On the 21st of February at the scene of Arena Moscow club there'll take place the show of one of the most influential punk bands of our times.

It's hard to find another band who has made more significant contribution in the evolution of rock music in total. Many world famous bands have admit the strong influence of The Misfits music. Their songs were covered by Metallica, Green Day and My Chemical Romance, their logo is one the most distributed symbols of music culture, and their weight for the world music community is truly unshakable.

It's 35 years already when legendary New Jersey band terrifies people with its look, and their shows display how the real punk concert should look like. The Misfits had formed in the distant 1977th, and, by the statement of the musicians, they had always gained inspiration from classical horror movies. In this way the unique band's image was formed. For its long history The Misfits had gifted to the world the large number of hit songs, and such acts like �Die, Die My Darling�, �Land Of The Dead� and �Last Caress� are familiar to any rock fan.

The Last band's album �The Devil�s Rain� was released in 2011. The Misfits still gain full venues all over the world and the Moscow show should one more time confirm their status as the living legend.