Pirates of the Caribbean

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Moscow International House of Music

Pirates of the Caribbean

The first part of Disney saga �Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl� will be shown on the big screen accompanied by a symphonic orchestra at the Moscow International House Performance Arts Center on 21 and 22 October 2016.

Disney Company presents in Moscow musical film show �Pirates of the Caribbean LIVE!: Curse of the Black Pearl� accompanied by a symphony orchestra �Russian Philharmonic�. Listening to the musical themes of the great Hans Zimmer, performed more than a hundred musicians, the audience will see the famous film on the big screen. This unique format - the union of film and symphony orchestra - provides to an exacting public, lovers of classical musical, an ability to obtain the unknown feelings and rediscover the power and grandeur of the legendary film.

Disney musical film shows gather thousands fans of music and film worldwide. The Russian concert �Pirates of the Caribbean LIVE!: Curse of the Black Pearl� was first held in 2014 in Moscow. In addition, in April 2016 the audience of St. Petersburg was able to see the famous Disney film �Fantasia� with the music of Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, Stravinsky and other composers.

About musical film show �Pirates of the Caribbean LIVE!: Curse of the Black Pearl�

After a triumphant voyage over the worldwide screens Captain Jack Sparrow, fearless sailor Will Turner, charming Elizabeth Swann redoubtable pirate leader Hector Barbossa back to the audience with the large-scale live sound.

Unforgettable soundtrack has become incredibly popular all over the world. Music of Hans Zimmer helped �The Curse of the Black Pearl� to collect 654 million dollars at the box office!

In the first part of the �Pirates of the Caribbean�, Hans Zimmer acted as the film musical producer. It was he who chose the composer, who became a German composer Klaus Badelt. Their collaboration began in 1998 when an aspiring composer handed to the venerable Hollywood colleague his records for reviewing. Zimmer invited him to his studio in Santa Monica. Since then, Klaus Badelt has created music for such box office hits as �Hannibal�, �The Time Machine�, �K-19�, �Poseidon� and many others.

The main music for the first part of the saga �Pirates of the Caribbean� was recorded in Hollywood Studio Symphony under the direction of Hans Zimmer and Klaus Badelt. Male choir and soloists were recorded in London and added to the completed compositions.

21 and 22 October, the Moscow International Performance Arts Center. Do not miss!