Ruki Vverh!

solo concert


Crocus City Hall

Ruki Vverh!

November 4th & 5th, Crocus City Hall, big anniversary �Ruki Vverh� shows, 20 years of the band.

�Ruki Vverh� celebrate their 20th anniversary in 2016! Sergey Zhukov and his friends will come on the stage to share their tremendous show with their fans. �Ruki Vverh� is a unique band, which has passed a long way from suburban discotheques to roaring stadiums. This is the music, loved by millions people all around the world! These are the albums, which have worthily obtained the platinum status!

The exclusive production, eminent guests, unique decorations and video installations, non-stop dancing, a priceless possibility to come back to childhood - this is the lesser part of what expects the audience on the 4th & 5th of November in Crocus City Hall.