Sergey Penkin

solo concert


Crocus City Hall

Sergey Penkin


10 the of February 2013, Crocus City Hall, Sergey Penkin show. Birthday concert. Positive-show "Happiness is near".

Sergey Penkin invites everyone in Crocus City Hall on February 10 to celebrate his bithday and watch his colorful show "Happiness is near".

Happiness lives somewhere very close... If you don't know where, maybe Sergei Penkin will solve this mistery for you. His credo is to think positively, to present a part of himself and to be an endless source of good emotions for his relatives, fans and just spectators. Maybe that's why his shows always charge us with tremendous life energy, paint everyday routines in bright colors, leave sweet aftertaste and give this needful to everyone POSITIVE feeling!

Sergey have given 20 massive solo shows, numerous foreign tours, musical about his life, 13 albums and greatest hits collection of 143 songs. His shows are always impressing you with originality. Sergey can charm anyone with his incredible shocking scene costumes in bright colors and, of course, his unique voice - the artist entered in the Guinness Book of Records as owner of the 4 octave voice. This artist is always keeps with the time, doing what his heart tells him to do.

So, Sergey Penkin will give the luxorous present to all his fans and friends in his birthday on February 10 - new positive-show "Happiness is near".