Sergey Penkin

solo concert


Crocus City Hall

Sergey Penkin

February 15th | Crocus City Hall | Sergey Penkin

On the 15th of February in Crocus City Hall of Moscow there'll take a place Sergey Penkin's show.

Sergey Penkin is one of the brightest and extraordinary artists of Russian pop scene. In the late 80s, the period of formation of Russian show business, Sergey Penkin was always one step ahead: shocking costumes in vivid colors and unusual headgears. The stuff like that was used maybe only by Elton John, Michael Jackson and Boy George. Penkin, for sure, was in avant-garde, and was also the first of Soviet artists who had come on stage with the such defiant image. Audience, tired of hymns and grey days, had accepted Sergey in a flash and appraised his songs deservedly. Sergey paces with the times, doing what his heart tells. People, in its turn, accept him as he is.

The shows of Sergey Penkin are always astonishing and amazing with its glory and originality. Sergey can really charm an audience by his fantastic scene image, motley costumes and, of course, his unique voice - the singer is listed in the Guiness Book of Records as the owner of unrepeatable voice with range of four octaves.

So, on the 15th of February all admirers of Sergey Penkin can enjoy �THE BEST� show, which will include all the favorite songs!