solo concert


DK Lensoveta



NCA Presents:
October 18
DK Lensoveta


First time in St. Petersburg � big solo show!

On the wave of people�s love Sevara comes to the Northern capital of Russia with the big solo show! This fragile eastern belle shows sell out all over the country and the music critics admit that her popularity doesn�t hinder Sevara to follow her unique talent!

All fans of quality music will have the rare chance to hear live Sevara�s marvelous voice on 18th of October in DK Lensoveta. She�ll perform the set, which contains the magical mix of eastern and western cultures and make your soul strings resonate with beautiful melodies and subtle vocals.

Sevara was born in the family of professional musicians in 1976. In 2003 she have graduated with honors Uzbekistan State Conservatory. During her study there she used to sing in �Taxi-Blues� art-caf?, but real people�s love found her only with the beginning of solo career. Acquaintance with Peter Gabriel in 2000 has played a huge role in Sevara�s work. Soon after this meeting Sevara participated in Peter Gabriel's world tour, which included over 50 shows all over the Europe, USA and Canada. After this tour Sevara started to work with Gabriel�s London based �Realworld Records�. In 2004 Sevara wins �Best Asian Artist� award at the prestigious BBC World Music Award.

Sevara undoubtedly goes forward . The new �big star� born right before our eyes. And we have a possibility to hear and see her in the beginning of her way.