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The Night Snipers


�The Night Snipers�
First Time in Dubai


�The Night Snipers�, one of the leading Russian rock bands crafted by the beautiful and talented lead singer Diana Arbenina, will grace Dubai with their presence on the 21 of October in the most glamourous music site of the city, the MusicHall in Zabeel Saray. �The Night Snipers� has a plethora of hit songs, thousands of devoted fans all over the world, but never two concerts that are alike. Every show the legendary band announces brings the pure spirit of rock and roll and an enchanting musical experience. Come join Diana and the band and get carried away but the authentic sounds of the Russian Rock, get your tickets at PlatinumList and UAExchange.


To the delight of the band�s plentiful fans, �The Night Snipers� is celebrating the 20th anniversary with a world-wide tour that has been going on for almost 2 years, as the demand for the band is incredible. Besides hundreds of concerts within the cities of Mother Russia, the band went on to conquer Berlin, Nurnberg, Wien, Prague, Warsaw, Riga, Tallinn, Vilnius, Antwerp, London, Paris, Tbilisi, Minsk, Singapore and Hong Kong in 2014. 2015 took the band into more exotic places like Vietnam, India and Australia, so it would only be fair to end the brilliant anniversary tour with the UAE. �Night Snipers� has also won a number of prestige awards recently, having received major recognition for their most famous performance at the Nashestvie festival last year, where they filled the stage with a choir of 120 people to echo Diana�s vocal gift. That particular show brought them the honorable �Concert of the Year� from the major Russian Rock radio station, as well as the �Person of the Year� for Diana herself from the major Russian tabloid.


But that doesn�t stop Diana in her search of more inspiration. She is a well-known writer, poet, and publicist and has received the �Triumph� award for writers, celebrating her unique style and talent. She is also an ambassador for the Gibson guitars in Russia, as well as for the WWF.