Media Accreditation

Accreditation Request

Accreditation Terms

Accreditation is required for all media representatives.

1. Accreditation will be done on a basis of the detailed announcement. Infromation about publication (issue, release date) or airtime must be specified in the request. If you represent a website or the announcement was duplicate in internet version of your media, please send us the link on it.
2. All accreditation requests are taken by our PR manager Anastasia Senkevich (
3. We accredit 1 interviewer and 1 photographer by one media; 1 interviewer by radiostation; a film crew of 3 people by tv channel; 2 people by website (only in a case of advetising on your website and audience size of at least 5000 unique visitors).
4. Accreditation closes two days before the event. Entrance to the event for media representatives closes 15 minutes after its official start. We will send all accreditation information in a response letter to your request. Accreditation obtaining terms may vary depending on venue and event size.
5. MSM Group concert agency reserves the right to refuse in accreditation without an explanation.