Eva Polna

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Crocus City Hall

Eva Polna

November 15 - Crocus City Hall - Eva Polna "All about me"

On 15th of November in Crocus City Hall there will take place a show of one of the most mysterious singers on Russian stage - Eva Polna. The name of the show is "All about me".

By the time of her career Eva with her bandmate of "Gosti iz Budushego" Yuri Usachev has managed to prettily experiment with house and trance music, release nine albums with couple of superhits in each one, express herself not only as a sucessful singer, but also as an author of music and lyrics loved by the whole army of fans.

In 2009 Eva has decided to start a solo career. An ambition for moving forward, to create and perform the songs about things that really matter - here's the new goal, the new direction of Eva's work. She doesn't afraid of to go in the shadow from bright and sometimes scalding soffits of popularity, doesn't try to be the best of the best by any means. She just wants to stay herself, to save the connection with her inner voice to write sincere and natural songs like before.

Eva has managed to not only not lose herself, but to born again in absolutely woman and very stylish music, which even more brightly accents attention on her beautiful and sensitive poetry.

Eva Polna about upcoming show: �Unlike the acoustic concerts, which we made on theatrical stages, i would name the show in Crocus as "electronic music played by musicians". My music is me. It's my perception of the world we live in. It's happiness to share my emotions with other people and to find a response in their hearts. This show for me is not only a set of new and old songs, it's my soul, which i open to my audience!�