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Crocus City Hall


November 2 / Crocus City Hall / Nyusha
Nyusha will present her «Integration» show in Corcus City Hall On 2nd of November.

Maybe a couple years ago someone could say that she is the one hit star, but today there’s no one to say that. Step by step, hit by hit – Nyusha has climbed to the top of Russian musical Olympus not immediately. But today she has consolidated there confidently.

Nyusha thinks that her main prize is the happy faces of her fans, not musical awards and charts tops: �This means that I�m doing it not in vain�.

The first big show in Moscow named �Chose your own miracle� happened on 28th of April in last year on one of the most prestigious venues of Russia � Crocus City Hall. And the critics have noted its high professional level. The followed concert tour had a huge success too.

But it�s time for a change! Let�s meet new Nyusha on 2nd of November in Crocus City Hall.

The �INTEGRATION� show: you�ll surely recognize yourself!