Lubov Uspenskaya

solo concert


BKZ Oktyabrskiy

Lubov Uspenskaya


Inimitable, mysterious and magnificent Lubov Uspenskaya will show extraordinary live performance to their guests on October 11 in «Oktyabrskiy» hall! Unforgettable hits like �Carousel�, �I�m sinking down�, �Bitter Chocolate� and many other everyone�s favorites will sound from the stage.

Uspenskaya sparkling energy and unique voice timbre drive her numerous fans crazy. Lubov seriously excites the audience with her soulful songs and wins their sympathy easily.

Rare charisma lets Lubov turn every her song to the 100% smash-hit and every live performance to the unforgettable dialogue with the audience, where even the coldest hearts are thawing out in the dazzling firework of emotions.

You can by tickets by phone +7 (812) 303-33-33 or at (Russian language only).