Mikhail Shufutinskiy

solo concert


Crocus City Hall

Mikhail Shufutinskiy

April 13 in Crocus City Hall - Mikhail Shufutinskiy concert. "Birthday show". Filming for TV.

On 13 April 2013 in Moscow Crocus City Hall there'll take place the anniversary Mikhail Shufutinskiy show! The hero of the day will sing all the fans long time favorites, from the very first ones (emigration period) to the brand new ones. Mikhail SHufutinskiy has prepared lots of surprises for his fans: secret guests are awaited! The concert will be filming for TV.

For the time of his carrer Mikhail Shufutinskiy has released 23 albums and many compilations, reached the status of one of the most successful artists of 90-s, and today he's still on the top of pop Olympus. Mikhail is laureate of the annual "Chanson of the year" award for 10 last years. Songs of his performance sounded in popular Russian TV series and Hollywood movies. The artist often and sucessfully tours. His fans call Shufutinskiy "The king of chanson" for the long list of sung and loved songs.

On the show in Crocus City Hall Mikhail will perform all of his absloutely best songs, which are collected for many years of his music work. The artist is promising to his fans wonderful and heartful evening: "I'll sing, for my point of view, all of my best for the lifetime. From the oldest and first to the newest and these days songs. It's a, so to speak, total. I'll share success with my main partner - my fan. Thanks to all for the goodwill to me!"