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Billy's Band


�Billy�s Band�
The best for 10 years
First Time in Dubai


The �Billy�s Band�, Russia�s most profound specialists in soul searching and Socratic ponderings will pay Dubai a visit on the 11th of November straight from the shores of the foggy Neva river. They sing of the truths and lies of life and complicated human relations in the brightest dixieland, jazz, swing, blues and rock colors that Dubai has ever seen. Come join them at the MusicHall at Zabeel Saray at 19.30, get your tickets at PlatinumList and UAExchange.


Billy Novik�s rusty voice is the best addition to the occasion. �Where your heart sleeps�, �In the city�, �Blues in my head� � all the piercing life observations, ironic and lyrical at the same time, are told intimately and are engraved with unexplainable nostalgia.


Billy�s double-base romantic jazz macabre opuses have long since become a symbol of the Russian �cultural capital�, Saint-Petersburg, and truly belong to the city with origins clearly derived from the famous White Nights and drawbridges.


Almost 15 years of performing on the best stages of Moscow and Saint-Petersburg, as well as starring in countless American, European and other international jazz festivals, including the beloved Montreux Jazz Festival, brought Billy an aura of the Russian Tom Waits and his band - the awe from the critics and admirers. Now you have a unique possibility to get a feel for Saint-Petersburg mood swings without leaving the comfort of the top music establishment in Dubai, the MusicHall at Zabeel Saray.