Monster Mania

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Monster Mania
March 23 - Olympic Stadium � unique show of giant trucks «Monster Mania»

In 14:00 and 19:00 on the main arena of Olympic Stadium there will take place the unique sports and entertaining event �Monster Mania� with participation of team of giant Monster Trucks from Great Britain, led by Rob Williams.
This show gained an excellent reputation all over the world, and now �Monster Mania� is ready for Russia! �Monster Mania� is a spectacular show, including qualify rides, �one-on-one� races, jumping over cars and riding on them, various tricks, such as crackdown on the rear wheels, spinning in place and many more. �Monsters� aren�t cars in a traditional meaning � they are specially built machines, made for making complex tricks and overcoming enormous loads. Four �Monsters� will participate in show on March 23. Each one of them is unique, has individual style and own fans. The only one in Europe 10 seated passenger Big Foot will also visit Moscow. Everyone will be able to ride it and feel the same what �Monster� pilot feels.
Russian moto stuntriders will participate: champions of Europe and winners of Olympic extreme games, medalists of Russia championship � Marat Kankadze, Yuri Verhovnikov and Valery Kulesha. Impressive performance on Quads is also expected at the show.
Our event has family format and intended for 20000 visitors. There�ll be special place for children with animation and toy cars. The DJ sets are also expecting.
Worldwide famous «Monster Mania», of course will be one of the brightest and entertaining spring events!

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