solo concert


Crocus City Hall


It's always must be a place for a fairy tale in life! The real fairy tale of the Russian rock scene is the Piknik band for sure. These magicians welcome people to dive in their world of allegories, mystic images and futuristic creatures for almost 35 years. There is a place for shamans, half violin-half girls, steampunk engines, people on stilts, giants and vampires in love in this world.

Each Piknik show is a surrealistic play, imbued with mystical atmosphere. Unique decorations and video-installations are made for every concert program. Each gesture, each sight or head movement - everything makes its contributuon in atmosphere of mysterious performance.

True to their traditions Picknik members carefully veil all details of the upcoming show. It doesn't confuse band's real fans at all: they are used to mystery, covers everythings that connected to their favorites. But all mysteries will be revealed on the 6th of November in Crocus City Hall, and we will take a grandiose, mystical journey through the 35 years of endlessly magical story!