Dmitriy Malikov

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Dmitriy Malikov


Dmitry Malikov is bringing his flagship performance to the Dubai MusicHall on January 6, 2016, the Russian Christmas.


This is the first time ever the performer is coming to Dubai with a big solo program. Join us in celebrating the festive season at the unforgettable music feast. A graduate of the world-famous Moscow Conservatory, Dmitry Malikov works across many genres as he is both a famous and accomplished classical piano player and a composer as well as a beloved pop-singer. His show is thus providing the ultimate and varied mix of performances.


Dmitry will share the blockbuster songs he wrote over his many years on stage, instrumental compositions and modern interpretations of the classical music hits. Malikov has been top of the charts in Russia for decades. He received countless awards such as "The Song of the Year" and the "Golden Gramophone" in Russia or the Monte Carlo Music World. Without a doubt, many generations in Russia and the CIS countries grew up to Dmitry's songs and continue to enjoy them.


Coming to Dubai is an unforgettable two-hour life concert on the Eve of the Orthodox Christmas to share the festive spirit and harmony through an exciting mix of songs and instrumental compositions you'll recognize at the first chord. Come share the atmosphere of celebration, passion and love.


Dubai is thrilled to welcome Dmitri Malikov, the famous Russian singer, who has captured the hearts and minds of millions of Russians with his tender and unforgettable voice. It will be Dmitri�s first solo concert in Dubai.